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November 6, 2012

I’ve always been a solo runner. When I first got into running a few years ago I used to love going out alone at night, -20 celsius in the capital of Freeze-your-butt-off-land (aka Ottawa, Canada) and pound the pavement almost everyday for an hour. It was exhilarating and somehow I got hooked. Maybe it was a little masochistic, but I enjoyed myself.

While training for the Half Marathon last year, I did it on my own. For me, running was my thing. Me (well, me and my headphones) time to be alone and enjoy the ride. 

Then last May a friend told me about Nike’s Club der Töchter, a running group for girls completely organized by Nike in Vienna that takes place each year in April/May, so I checked it out. How it works is you head onto the Facebook page, join the group, find yourself an ambassador who organizes runs in your neighbourhood, and make a date to join in a group for a run! It was completely free of charge, you get a cool t-shirt, meet new running buddies, attend cool events (one night we got to go to the Nike store in Vienna after-hours and shop with 30% discount while sipping Prosecco from a can – how badass is that?) and a spot in the annual Frauenlauf (Women’s run) in Vienna. All you gotta do is run around in a Nike shirt, which I do most of the time anyway so it wasn’t that big of a deal.


I’m the one in the front awkwardly high-fiving the air.


I had a great time with Club der Töchter and am planning on applying to be an ambassador this year!

I recently found out about another Lauftreff (running meet-up) organized (for free! Woohoo!) from the Vienna City Marathon. It happens every two weeks on a Sunday at 9am, and it is to practice the “long slow runs” that are so key in Marathon training. So last weekend instead of heading off to a post-Halloween party, I dragged my butt home to bed and went to sleep like a good girl. 


There I am in white with my trusty blue shoes, listening attentively before the run.


Los geht’s! Off we go!

I only did one round, we had the option of doing one round (7km) two (14km) or 3 (21km). Next time I’ll aim for two!

So I have learned to enjoy running with others, be it in a running meet up (the KMs fly by when you’re chatting with new people) or with friends (chasing my guy friends has proved to be a challenge, they’re all much faster than I am) as well as still enjoying my own me-time runs.

Hauptsache: laufen laufen laufen!

Main point: run run run!


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