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Wiener Kaffeehäuser

November 19, 2009
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Today in my German class we were learning about the different sorts of coffee (Kaffee-Zubereitungsarten) and coffee houses (Wiener Kaffeehäuser) in Vienna. I realized that I have never actually been to any traditional Viennese café! I have a strong tendency to head towards the nearest Starbucks or Coffeeshop Company (a sort of an Austrian Starbucks type of place, I guess it is Viennese, but it’s not typical Viennese, ya know?)

For homework we are supposed to do some research and pick a Kaffeehaus to visit next Thursday for our final day of class. I will be using the Wiener Kaffeehäuser link as a starting-off point. Apparently Café Hawelka is a “must-visit” and since it is near the school we will probably go there. It’s supposed to be a famous, smoky, café where people are known to spend the day reading the provided newspapers.

Do any of you know anything about coffee culture/cafés in Vienna? Any recommendations?

On a side note – next month I will be blogging for my German class on the language school’s website’s blog, which I am very much looking forward to! I will be posting 16 posts and 16 pictures on the topics of language learning, my German class, Vienna, and Christmas in Austria. I also get a discount on my language course (woohoo!) It’s like getting paid to blog, which is fantastic! 🙂

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