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More praise for Spotlight Verlag!

November 17, 2009

A few days ago, before my German class started, I was looking for a new copy of Deutsch Perfekt in Vienna, and found one in a big magazine shop in the Karlsplatz U-Bahn station. I was snatching up the latest issue, when I noticed a magazine next to it called “ECOS” which I had not heard of before. So I picked it up, had a look, and realized that it was like a “Spanisch Perfekt” type of magazine, a language learning magazine for German speakers learning Spanish! I was so excited! I bought both and started flipping through my new ECOS treasure. It is absolutely perfect for me, a magazine for Spanish learners with German vocabulary translations of the more difficult words, so I can practice both languages at the same time! And since when I start my university program in March I will most likely be having to translate from Spanish to German, this is a great practice for me.

After I had picked up the magazines, I was off to my German class, where I showed my copy of Deutsch Perfekt to my teacher and classmates, none of whom had ever heard of it, but they were amazed! “Wow, wo hast du es gekauft? Wie heißt es nochmal? Wow, das ist super toll!!” (Wow, where did you buy it? What is it called again? Wow, that’s so cool!) I really hope that more German language learners find out about Deutsch Perfekt! I will do my best to spread the word.

German homework time now, I haven’t been in class for the past two days because I have a cold. I think it’s gone now though, I just wanted to stay home and get better instead of going to class and feeling worse!

Viel Spaß beim Sprachen lernen! 🙂

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