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So I messed that one up!

October 10, 2009

Okay, life lesson learned yesterday – do NOT ever leave things until the last minute!

I was planning on taking the German semester course at the University of Vienna which starts on Monday and goes until the end of February. I had taken the September intensive course and really enjoyed it, AND if I were to take this Semester course and reach the level B2.2 by the end of it (which I would have!) it would act as my proof of German proficiency in my University application (you cannot apply as an EU citizen without knowledge of German) and I could just go right into my Translation program right away without taking the Österreichisches Sprachdiplom test.

So since I hadn’t had any problems getting into the September course, I casually decided to give them a call this past Friday afternoon just to make sure it would be okay if I were to register and pay on Monday (the day before the class starts, when the placement tests are held) even though the registration started at the end of September. They didn’t answer the phone, so I sent an e-mail to which I received the reply an hour later that all of the classes are filled up! WHATTT?!

But of course they are! I should’ve realized that they would fill up really quickly (much faster than the September course) because the University of Vienna offers this great “University Preparation Program” for students with Non-EU citizenships (so I don’t qualify) where you can apply to the University without having a B2 level of German and first do a semester (or two, but a maximum of three!) of German lessons (for a lower price than the non-Students like me…) and then begin their studies. So of COURSE these students take the same Semester course that I wanted to take and would be given priority and probably filled up all of the classes within the first week. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this!

But I’m working on a backup plan. I am checking out the other schools in Vienna to see if they offer any sort of similar programs, or a preparation program for the ÖSD test which I will now have to take.

I realize that you do not necessarily need to take language lessons in a classroom in order to learn a language, and that it is often thought of as one of the least successful ways in which to learn a language, but when I start my Translation program I need to do a very difficult German test which will be at the level of C1 (advanced) to get into the program. I feel I can better prepare myself for this test if I am in a structured class designed to bring my German to that level rather than solely working on it alone at home and since I have set aside these next few months in order to learn languages, I would really like to attend a class!

That’s all for now, I’m going to go research some schools now. I’ll post on what I end up doing later this week.

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